Access control system

Access Control System helps you manage and control visitors to your facility.

Eliminate that messy, unprofessional looking paper-log book and the pile of clip on Visitor pass at your front desk and replace it with our ACS automated system.

ACS provides enhanced workplace security by assuring that the risk posed by outside visitors to your facility is reduced; by printing a professional looking gate pass for them to wear, by tracking their visit, and even by allowing you to check against a “Watch List” so that important visitors get VIP treatment and anyone prohibited from entry (ex-employees, people subject to no-contact orders, known offenders) are instantly identified to avert problems.
Visitor pass lets you know at a glance who belongs on your premises and who doesn’t! 

Employees wearing a photo Visitor pass are clearly identifiable, greatly improving workplace security. Visitor pass can be uses for time and attendance, with electronic access control to replace door keys, or for transactions at a company store, cafeteria, or library.

Visitor pass allows you to cost effectively produce high quality identification passes to identify your employees, students or staff as then enter and move about your campus.
Visitor pass can also record any attempts to violate your security, such as de-activated passes being used unsuccessfully, or late night attempts by unauthorized staff to access secured areas.

Training & Customer Support:
   Delivering a successful solution to the customer is half way through our project phase. Training is an essential and vital component of the project followed by the best technical and User level support. Acsys IT provides the very best of the Training and Customer Support.
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